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Education Week in Review: April 12 – April 18

This week in education has been very interesting. Not only have the education topics been hot in the blogs but also over in the forums. Check them out!

Saturday, April 12
End of Year Behavior Trouble
The end of the year is typically full of discipline troubles for all ages of children. The thoughts of school getting out soon for summer break and the rising boredom with class both contribute to trouble for teachers.

Monday, April 14
Opinions About Other Teachers
We all form opinions about others. Teachers also form opinions about other teachers. We have feelings on which teachers are doing a good job and which ones are not. However teachers must be careful about how they discuss the performance of other teachers to parents.

Wednesday, April 16
Virginia Tech Shooting Anniversary
On today’s date one year ago, Virginia Tech students and faculty were horrified as a gunman took the lives of thirty-two people. This article discusses how the school will honor and remember those that were lost that day.

Thursday, April 17
Tornado Warnings and Students at School
Recently some of the southern states were hit by a series of tornados. During some of these storms, students were at school. During a tornado warning, students are typically moved to the hallways and positioned into the storm safe zones. The schools go into lock down mode and no one is allowed in or out of the building. In some cases parents are turned away from picking up their children from the school. This angers many.

No More Tag at School
I discovered that the game of Tag has gotten so out of control that one school has banned it altogether. The principal made the decision to stop the students from playing the game on the playground after many students become aggressive and too competitive.