Egg-citing DIY Easter Décor

Easter is less than two weeks away; time to get hopping on some homemade decorations.  Why spend a bunch of money buying elaborate seasonal trimmings when you can handcraft adorable adornments from supplies found in your own home?

These simple Easter-themed decorations are perfect for families with young children egg-cited about the upcoming holiday.  Give them the chance to create these hands-on crafts:

Cotton Ball Pencil Holder:  Whether you want to craft a bunny, lamb or chick pencil holder, inexpensive cotton balls will help make it happen.  Use a soup can or other clean tin can as the base for the pencil holder.  Next, cover the entire can with glue and attach the cotton balls.  You can use colored cotton balls or have your kids paint white cotton balls to match their chosen animal’s fur. For a bunny pencil holder cut-out ears from felt and glue to the top of the can.  Then, glue on googly eyes and a pompom for a nose.  Finally, adhere pipe cleaners for whiskers and additional cotton balls or extra pompoms for the bunny’s tail.

Cotton Ball Easter Egg:  For this craft you will need colored construction paper, colored cotton balls (or you can color white ones with paint), scissors and glue.  To start, cut an oval shape from the construction paper.  Place glue on the egg-shaped paper, and then have your kids go to town applying various colored cotton balls until it’s completely covered.  They can make patterns or randomly place the cotton balls to create a mottled eggshell effect.
Fuzzy Paper Plate Chick:  Have your kids paint one large and one small paper plate with yellow paint.  While the paint is drying, cut-out a triangle beak, two legs and two feet from orange construction paper.  When the plates are dry, have your kids glue the small plate onto the upper corner of the large plate, so the small one acts as the head and the larger as the body.  Next, glue on a googly eye, the beak, legs and feet.  Finally, use glue, craft feathers, yellow pompoms or yellow cotton balls to embellish your chick.

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