Eliminate Food Waste: You Can Eat These

food wasteEliminate food waste by taking advantage of good food that is commonly thrown away. Get some valuable nutrition and save money on your food bill. Here is how.

Almost-Expired Eggs

Most eggs will last for at least a few days past their expiration date, but if you don’t want to take a chance, try this trick. Boil almost-expired eggs. The hard-boiled eggs can be used as snacks, turned into egg salad, or used to pump up the nutrients in a green salad.

Broccoli Stems

We buy a lot of fresh broccoli in this house because it is inexpensive, and the kids love it. I’ve stop discarding all of the stems, though. Instead, I shred them and mix them in with coleslaw to add to salads. The shredded stems can easily be frozen for later use.

Mushroom Stems

Chop up those discarded mushroom stems and use them as a filler for ground beef or ground turkey when you make burgers or meatloaf. Not only will it stretch the expensive meat for your meal, but you will also get extra nutrition.

Over Ripe Bananas

It seems that no one in my household wants to use up the last banana, so I frequently am left with just one overripe banana, not enough for the typical banana bread. Instead, I peel and freeze the banana. I can still make the banana bread when I have enough bananas, or I can use it later for a smoothie.

Softening Pears and Apples

If your apples and pears are getting too soft to eat out of hand, then try cooking them. Both fruit can be put in a crockpot and turned into a butter to use on toast or biscuits. If you have enough extra apple butter or pear butter, try you hand at canning.

Want another way to eliminate food waste? Take 30 minutes to clean out your pantry and plan meals with what you find. 

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