emmy300X300Who says it’s not easy being green?

How about going green?

Just in time for Earth Day, everyone’s favorite pink-tastic princess puts her rosy stamp on a disgusting dump to show young readers the benefits of recycling.

Emeraldalicious starts off with Pink and her little brother Pete heading to their favorite park.  They frolic for a bit on the lush lawn crafting a cape and crown from colorful flowers, but soon the brilliant green grass gives way to a stinky garbage-filled space void of flora and fauna.

Fortunately, Pinkalicious is able to piece together an extra-special wand from stray sticks and flowers.  Our persistently perky protagonist then waves the wand over the mess and recites this rhyme:

Buckets, bow tie and a bone.

All this garbage makes me groan.

What I would love is a pretty throne.

Magic ensues and the next thing you know Pinkalicious and Pete are staring at a perfectly constructed throne made from used tennis rackets, balls, a dart board, records, and skis.

After witnessing the mystifying transformation a bewildered Pete wants in on the action.  He grabs the wand and swishes it over a sea of garbage saying:

Television, towel and a tassel.

I’m a prince who loves his castle.

Please make me one without a hassle!

Instantly, old trumpets, worn tires, rusty tins cans, tarnished trophies, broken microwaves, and some pots and pans combine to form a magnificent manor that towers over other piles of trash.

After seeing the awe-inspiring masterpieces that can be made with a little imagination and a lot of leftovers, Pinkalicious and Pete start to realize the rationale behind recycling.

But, they aren’t done yet; the siblings have one last wish to make with their eco-friendly magic wand… and it’s a doozy.

If you are looking for an adventurous Earth Day-themed book that celebrates all things recycled, repurposed and remarkable, consider Emeraldalicious.  Author Victoria Kann uses kid-friendly language to teach an important lesson that can be applied well after Monday’s tree-hugging events are over.

You can get a sneak peek of the book on HarperCollins’ website.  Or, purchase your own copy at discount retailers nationwide.


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