Switching Careers Later in Life

Many people over the age of 50 consider switching careers. When they do, they often wonder if it is even possible or worthwhile. Once you have become established in a profession, change can be scary. In addition, there are risks associated with that change. If you are considering switching careers later in your life, there are some unique considerations to consider. First, ask yourself some of these questions: 1. How much longer do I plan to work before retirement? 2. Could I plan to continue my current career until retirement age? 3. What are the main reasons I want to … Continue reading

Don’t Quit, Freelance!

Whether you want to quit work to be home with the kids or if you are looking forward to retirement, a great option instead of being unemployed is to freelance. By freelancing your current skills, you can make some money on the side and still have many of the same freedoms found when not working. Freelancers in almost every field are becoming more common. Working at home is easier than ever with new technology and many smaller organizations are eager to hire a temporary worker to take on an extra project. From the employee standpoint, freelancing gives you the ability … Continue reading

Too Much Education?

Is it possible to have too much education when looking for a job? The answer is yes, although it will depend on a variety of factors. In many careers, a bachelor’s degree is enough to get you started. In some, you may only need a few classes or an associate’s degree. For many professions, on-the-job experience is as or more important as an education. In these types of jobs, too much education can sometimes make you seem too expensive or over-qualified for an entry-level position. However, some careers require a certain degree before they would even look at your application. … Continue reading

Image Consultant – Job Highlight

Ever wanted to be an image consultant? Do you even know what one is? Maybe this is the perfect career for you, hiding behind that beautiful woman you see on the bus each day. Image consultants have grown in popularity. People are becoming more aware of how little changes to their image can transform their lives. What used to be just makeup artists to the stars, now even the average person hires an image consultant. The field of image consultants is more far reaching than just makeup and fashion. An image consultant often helps individuals with the whole package, including … Continue reading

Job Security

Often with job boredom, also comes job security. Typically, once you have worked long enough at a job for the same company, you gain a level of security. The advantage to job security is that you don’t worry about losing your job. The disadvantage is with longevity also comes boredom. Not all companies or industries can provide job security, especially with our economy. However, unless you have poor job performance, it is usually the newest members of the team who are let go first. This is particularly true in large companies or union-based professions. If you are lucky enough to … Continue reading

Transferable Skills

There are times in our career we might feel stuck in a job. Maybe we have a specific job in a specific company. Maybe we have only worked in one type of industry. Maybe you have had the same type of job your whole life. In these scenarios, we can feel trapped. We feel like we would have to start over in order to change our careers. While sometimes a brand new start can be nice, it can also be time-consuming and costly. If you need a fresh break from your chosen profession and don’t want to completely start over, … Continue reading

College Majors and Jobs

Often when college students select a major, they are not usually thinking beyond graduation to the job or career it might lead. When I worked as a counselor years ago in a college, I met up with many seniors who were switching their majors. They realized that the major they thought they wanted as freshman, was not going to get them the job they wanted when they graduated. At the time, they felt stressed and worried about life after college. However, when it comes to college work, there is rarely any lost time. Few jobs involve only one subject area, … Continue reading

Job Burnout is Real

No matter how much you love your employer, co-workers or job… job burnout is a real phenomenon that strikes us all at some point. Recently some wise companies have recognized this and started to add sabbaticals to long standing employees. Either way, the key is to be able to recognize the symptoms in yourself, your loved ones, your co-workers, even your employees. Once you can identify what your experiencing is burnout, then you can confront this dilemma. Symptoms: 1. Loss of desire to go to work or get up in the morning 2. Little things become big irritations 3. An … Continue reading

Become a Caterer

Do you love to cook? Maybe deep inside you is a caterer waiting to be born. What exactly does a caterer do and how do you become one? Let’s go job exploring! Most caterers are self-employed, and the rest work for larger companies. Caterers take on small parties to large weddings. The main strengths of a caterer’s personality include: • A solid understanding of how to cook and how dishes work together. It is more than just being a good cook. • Have strong interpersonal and listening skills. The key is for the caterer to make what the clients want, … Continue reading

Do you Have a Career or a Job?

Have you ever thought to ask yourself if your means of income is just a job or a career? What is the difference really? And does it even matter? According to YourDictionary.com, a job is defined as “a specific piece of work, as in one’s trade, or done by agreement for pay.” In turn, they define a career as “a profession or occupation which one trains for and pursues as a lifework.” In summary, the dictionary views a job as more of a short-term work assignment and a career as the lifelong employment. Pushing the formal definitions aside, we often … Continue reading