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facebook yard salesAre you familiar with Facebook yard sales? These are local groups on Facebook promoting the buying and selling of household items, such as you would find at a typical yard sale. Participants can post photos and descriptions, along with price. You can buy and sell practically anything, from baby clothes to a car.

The yard sale groups on Facebook are localized, usually by town or county. This means that you usually have to live or work in the area in order to be accepted as part of the group. These groups have moderators to keep everyone on track.

Finding these yard sale groups may not be easy. Most of them are secret, so you can’t search for them or find them easily. Usually, you become a member when a friend tells you about the group, recommends you to the moderator or adds you from within the group. There are often several groups for an area or region that you can join.

There are general rules of posting that most of these Facebook yard sale groups follow. You usually have to post a photo with any item that you are selling, and you are limited to the number of times that you can bump your item up to the top. Because these groups are gaining in popularity, an item that you post can quickly get buried under newer ones.

One of the easiest ways to keep organized when you are posting to these groups is to create a photo album expressly for that purpose. Put photos of the items that you have to sell in the album and describe each one. Then as things sell or you offer new items, you can just update the album instead of trying to find your original posts.

Always remember safety. When selling or buying goods, agree to meet in a public location, and always have another person with you.

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