Failing Isn’t Always a Step Backward

I have led a far from perfect life. There are many choices that I would like to take back. Given the chance I would have done things a little differently, but through the struggles I’ve become more refined. I’ve become the woman I wanted to be. Without those mistakes I would not be who I am today. I found strength I never knew I had and I found it because of a failure, a failure that would become my saving grace.

I am a young single mother. I fought long and hard to save my marriage, but ultimately it failed anyway. I was devastated at the thought of raising my son alone. I wanted so much more for him. I had experienced the struggle of growing up in a single parent home. Though my mother provided us all she could give, we still had to go through many hardships as children. I wanted more than anything to save my son from having to go through the same trials we had endured. I still would do anything to protect him from the pain of a broken home, but I know that he will find his own strength the way my siblings and I did so long ago.

True, my marriage did fail, but it was in that failure that I got a second chance. It lead me down a path I never would have known, a path that had enormous possibilities for me and my son. It was in this path that we found happiness, a happiness we never could have felt had we continued down the path we were on. I’m not married anymore, but that wasn’t a step backward for me. Instead it was a giant step toward the life I ultimately wanted to live, the one Logan and I have always dreamed of.