Family Friendly Earth Day Activities – 2014

FlowersHow will your family be celebrating Earth Day? There will be many interesting events taking place. You should check local newspaper (or their website) to see what is going on near you. In addition to the local activities, here are several others that will be happening across the United States.

Time and Google + want to see your best photo of Earth. This gives you the perfect excuse to bring your family outside to take some photos of our beautiful planet. Pick your best one, and post it on your Google + account with the hashtag #MyBeautifulEarth. Google + will feature those images through April 22, 2014. Time’s photo editors will look through all the submissions and put the best ones on on Earth Day.

Disneynature has a brand new nature movie called “Bears”. It will be released to theaters on April 18, 2014. It shows a mother bear and her cubs doing the things bears do, and is narrated in order to give it more clarity and humor. Disney suggests that you celebrate Earth Day by watching “Bears”.

Interested in taking a “road trip”? ABC News has put together a list of seven super green cities in the United States. If they are nearby, you might even be able to use public transportation to visit them (and be really “green”)! They are:
* Eugene, Oregon
* Austin, Texas
* Portland, Oregon
* Berkeley, California
* Honolulu, Hawaii
* Oakland California
* St. Paul Minnesota

Visit a zoo for free on Earth Day! Many zoos are offering free admission on April 22, 2014. Most will be doing special Earth Day related entertainment and educational activities for children and their families on that day. Check the website of the zoo near you to see what they are offering. There are also many places that are allowing people to ride busses (and other forms of public transportation) for free on Earth Day. Do a little bit of research, and you can celebrate Earth Day very frugally.

Visit a national park. The National Park Service is offering free admission to the 401 national parks in the United States on April 19 – 27, 2014. Not only is this a good way to celebrate Earth Day, it is also the same time as National Park Week.

There will be special events taking place at the national parks that week. Use the National Park Event Week Calendar to find more information about events that will happen in national parks that are located near you.

Image by Anderson Mancini on Flickr.