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baloo Visit Disneyland next weekend to meet Baloo and other rarely-seen Disney characters

Everyone knows that the Disney Parks don’t need much of an excuse to throw a party. Sometimes their festivities for actual holidays seem dimmed, because fireworks and parades are almost daily occurrences at the parks. Still, we can trust Disney World or Disneyland to roll out something special for even the most minor of holidays.

The first few months of the year are packed with various cultural celebrations, and this year Disneyland has decided to take advantage of that and host a months-long party. The official parks blog announces Disneyland’s Family Fun Weekends, going on from now until March 6.

The Family Fun Weekends sometimes take a cue from the calendar and fete an existing holiday, or at other times Disneyland’s made up its own special theme for the weekend. The party actually started last week; the inaugural bash took place on January 14-16 with “Fiesta Disneyland,” celebrating Central and South American culture with musical performances by such bands as the Mariachi Divas.

Up next on January 21-23 is “Disney’s Kickin’ Country Weekend,” featuring more live music from country bands like Forth Worth West and a hoedown with cowpoke versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Next up comes a rather intriguing event; Disneyland’s hosting “Character Fan Days” from January 28-30.

Any normal day at Disneyland sees a host of Disney characters wandering around the park, ready to meet excited guests. But maybe you’ve a favorite Disney character you’ve never gotten the chance to see. Previously the Disney Parks blog hosted a Character Facebook Poll, wherein internet users could vote for whom they most wanted to see at Disneyland.

The results are in, featuring many of Snow White’s dwarves, Baloo, Donald and Daisy Duck, and many more. These top-voted characters will appear at Disneyland for the Character Fan Days. Any fans of rare Disney characters or those who voted in the poll should make plans for a trip to Disneyland on the last weekend in January.

The final two Family Fun events actually span multiple weekends. For the first two of February Disneyland will join the many cultures observing the Lunar New Year. On February 4-6 and 11-13 visit Disneyland for revelries revolving around the celestial new year.

Finally, Disneyland’s taking three weekends for Mardi Gras festivities. February 18-20, 25-27, and March 4-6 are all dedicated to the year’s biggest Carnival. The weekends will take on a New Orleans theme, full of jazz music and Cajun food. Disney’s own New Orleans resident Princess Tiana will lead the Mardi Gras parade, along with other characters dressed up for the masquerade.

All of the Disneyland Family Fun events will take place on the weekend days from 10 am to 5 pm. The Mardi Gras events will be held in the New Orleans Square, but the rest of the parties will take place in Frontierland at the Festival Arena.

You only need purchase passes to Disneyland to attend the events, no other special admissions will apply. More information on each Family Fun Weekend will appear closer to the dates on the official Disney Parks blog, so those interested should keep checking back there for further details.

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