Family Movie Night

Family movie night is a tradition in my house.  We love to watch movies anyway so naturally we would love watching them together.  It is a wonderful way to spend memorable times together.  On hot summer nights or rainy afternoons, a movie with the kids is a perfect way to spend it!

Tips for Family Movie Night

  • Make it a Regular Night.  You can have family movie night every week, every two weeks, or every month.  Whatever you chose, make sure that it is an official day.  As your kids grow, and get busy with life,  you will want to build a tradition of a family night.
  • Clean the House.  Whenever we have movie night or game night, I make sure the house is spotless and the laundry is done.  I don’t want to be interrupted by the washing machine or have a hard time finding a clean glass.  On nights like these it is always easy to get the kids to work fast.
  • Snacks.  My daughter is always in charge of the snacks.  I pretty much indulge whatever snack the kids come up with from popcorn to cupcakes.
  • Turn the Living Room into a Theater.  Make sure you turn the lights off or down low and set up the living room so everyone can see the screen easily.  I allow the kids to bring blankets and pillows downstairs.  We even use the coffee table as our snack bar.
  • Potty Break.  Set a time to pause the movie or time in between movies for a break.
  • Make it a Theme.  Themes are fun!  Match your snacks and even some decorations to the theme of the movie.
  • Let a Person Chose the Movie.  We try to pick movies everyone enjoys but with vast personalities and ages we simply allow one person to chose a movie.