Fashion Don’t: Baggy Pants

I have written my share of fashion blogs over the past few months. I tend to limit the number of times I inject my own opinion about fashion trends simply because I feel what works for one person may not work for another. As I have mentioned before I am partial to khakis rather than super skinny jeans and prefer little to no makeup versus the Tammy Faye Bakker look (but, like I said to each his/her own).

There is however a fashion trend I have not been silent about—super baggy pants. You know the ones wannabe rappers (yes, I’m talking about you Kevin Federline) and teens across the country waddle around in. I gag every time I see guys cruising around the mall with their pants around their knees and their underwear (usually boxers) exposed. I mean really what’s the point? Just wear the boxers and call it a day.

Well, now comes a story that made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my cheeks. It’s about a teen whose fashion choice landed him in jail.

According to news reports, Louisiana police were able to catch a 16-year-old robbery suspect who had eluded them on several previous occasions after his baggy pants fell down and caused him to stumble during a police chase.

“We literally caught him with his pants down,” a local police lieutenant told reporters.

Funny. But, the crimes the teen stands accused of committing are no laughing matter. Officers say the teen is suspected of robbing a man at gunpoint and stealing another man’s car after beating him with a brick. Police say the teen had eluded them by running away several times in recent weeks.

Then, just a few days ago, an officer spotted the teen standing on a street corner, he called in for two backup officers, then tried to make an arrest.

“They all converged on him from different directions,” the police lieutenant said. “He started to run, but his low-riding pants fell down and he stumbled to his knees.”

I hope this incident serves as proof that my rants about baggy pants were warranted.

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