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file0001507045099Overspending on fashion these days is a no-no. In this economy, grabbing that oh-so-red hot Marc Jacobs for bag can affect your financial future, no matter how good it feels at the time. You’re a fashionista on a budget. You’ll have to adapt, all while maintaining your fabulousness.

To get the most out of your fashion dollar, try the following tricks to be a fashionista on a budget.

Sample Sales

If you want designer duds, the best way to get them is at a sample sale. Waiting until they go on sale at the regular retail store will only get you so far. By the time fashion hits the clearance aisle, it may be outdated, have few sizes available, and still be out of your budget.

Sample sales aren’t usually advertised, so you’ll need to do some research and ask your fabulous friends for sample sale alerts. Be prepared to arrive at a sample sale early and wait in a long line.

Go Vintage

Vintage clothing stores or even well-stocked consignment or thrift stores could yield you some great fashion at very low prices. You will often find designer names, such as Prada or Fendi, and you may even score something really old, that you can accessorize and turn into this year’s hottest statement.

The best vintage stores will be on close the outskirts of a major city or in trendy but not yet expensive neighborhoods.

Copycat Your Way to Fashion

Study the hot looks, especially those for upcoming seasons (the fashion shows for fall have already happened in spring), and then copycat the look with inexpensive department store pieces. For example, boxy bags will be big for fall, and there are plenty of options available on or in Target stores. Do what you can with what is low-cost and available, and no one may even notice the difference.

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