Where to Find Summer Reading Programs

It is important to keep your child's reading skills sharp over the summer. A fun way to do that is to get your child involved in a summer reading program.One of the things that kids like best about summer vacation is that they get a long break from school. It is important to keep your child’s reading skills sharp over the summer. A fun way to do that is to get your child involved in a summer reading program. There are several to choose from.

Your local library
The first place to seek out a summer reading program is your local library. Ask the librarian in the children’s section if they are doing this type of program. If so, he or she can help you get your child involved.

There are many benefits to choosing the local library’s summer reading program. It will (more than likely) be free to join. All of the books your child reads can be checked out for free. Just make sure to turn them in on time so you can avoid a late fee. Best of all, this could be a good opportunity to get your child his or her very first library card.

Barnes & Noble
If you don’t have a local library (or if your library isn’t running a children’s summer reading program), there is still hope. Barnes & Noble has been running children’s summer reading programs for years. This year, it is called the “Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon”.

Start by visiting the Barnes & Noble website and printing out the Summer Reading Triathlon Reading Journal. (It comes in English and in Spanish). Your child needs to fill out a piece of that journal with details about each book he or she reads. When the journal is full, bring it to a Barnes & Noble store and turn it in. Your child will receive a free book.

It is important to note that participation in the Barnes & Noble summer reading program does not require the purchase of books from Barnes & Noble. Your child can do it with books from the library or ones that are at your home.

Scholastic Reading Club Online
Scholastic has a summer reading challenge for kids. It began in May of 2016 and will end on September 9, 2016. By then, your child will be back in school. The program is called “Be a Reading Superhero”.

In order to participate, kids need to read and log the number of minutes they read all summer. Make sure to register on the Scholastic website so it will count toward the program. The minutes that a child spends reading can be turned in for virtual prizes. Part of the website has information for kids about their favorite authors “and how they became superheroes”.


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