Finding Coupons and Deals for Family Fun

family funBefore you set out for your next fun family outing, gather your coupons and deals. You can save 50 percent or more compared to the other folks waiting in line to get in. Plus, if you buy your tickets or passes in advance, you can probably skip the lines altogether and get straight to the fun.

Entertainment and Family Fun Books

For about $25, you can purchase an entertainment or family fun book that contains hundreds of coupons for local restaurants and attractions. These books are sold online and through fundraisers. Many times, you can get a discount if you purchase more than one book. The books are based on location, and you get to choose which ones you want. This means that you can always select a book from outside your area, such as one for the nearest city that has more to offer or one for a vacation hot spot that you plan to visit. These entertainment or family fun books usually expire after one year.

Groupon, Living Social and Other Online Offers

Groupon, Living Social and now Facebook can give you deals and offers for local attractions, concerts, fairs and other family fun. Sign up with these services to get access to limited time deals. Just be sure to check online often, so if an event or attraction comes up on the list, you can grab the deal quickly.

Discount Tickets at Local Grocery Stores

If you visit the website of the family fun that you are interested in, it just may tell you were you can pick up coupons that can be applied for a discount. Usually these appear in local grocery stores, but you may find them in other places as well.

In the Local Newspaper

Local newspapers often have coupons for family fun attractions and events. Sometimes they appear as a peel away sticker attached to the front page and sometimes the coupons are inside the newspaper where they need to be clipped.

Discount Tickets through Township and Library Sales

Your local town hall, library or civic organization may allow you to purchase event or attraction tickets for a discount. A family of four could save $10 or $15 per ticket this way. Visit websites or call and ask around to find out if you have this type of opportunity in your area.

Craigslist and Freecycle

Sometimes after people purchase tickets for family fun their plans change. That means the tickets will become available when the owners want to sell the tickets to recoup some of the cost or give them away to make sure that someone else enjoys them. It is easy to conduct a customized search on these sites. Expect to pay anywhere from zero to 50 percent of the retail price for your fun. The best deals tend to get snatched up quickly.

Membership Deals

If you have a family of four or more, consider purchasing an annual membership to an area attraction or museum. Many times, the cost of a family membership will be cheaper than the cost of two admission dates if not one. Most of the time, the venue will allow you to first experience it before deciding to upgrade to a membership, and the initial cost of your admission tickets will apply against the cost of the membership.