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Finding Extra Cash In New Ways

Is there any better feeling than cleaning out a coat pocket or fishing through a jean pocket, and pulling out a five, ten or twenty dollar bill, that you forgot was there. It’s like “found” cash.

I have a rule on laundry day. If I open the washing machine, dryer or empty out a pocket with money in it, its mine. The last time I turned in the change and dollars I had found in the laundry, which I keep in a small bucket on my laundry shelf, I had accumulated $65.00 in about four months time. That is just one of the strange ways I find extra cash.

Next, is finding stuff to sell. Beyond garage sales, sometimes I will collect clothing, toys, movies, games, books and other items we are simply not using, and take them to a consignment store, used book or game store, etc. Most of the time it is instant cash, though sometimes you have to take it and leave it and when it sells, they will contact you. I had a couch that just would not sell at my garage sale. I have no clue why. We only wanted $10 for it – we just needed it gone! We had a consignment store come and pick it up, they wound up selling the couch for $150 and we got $128.32 of that. That was almost a $120.00 profit we made, just by getting it to a consignment shop.

Also, don’t forget about old jewelery, gold, coins, stamps, collectors cards and other items you might not want – check the attic, garage and basement. Check out consignment shops, used item places, and Ebay.

Another interesting way to make some extra cash, is to create your own items at home. Whether you turn it into a home business or not, depends on you. However, if you are crafty, you might wish to sell some crafts, quilts, jewelry, etc. You can sell at a flea market, or online.

My newest, favorite way to make some extra cash, is online. Since I am a writer, I write for several different places, and make a living doing what I love. However, for the more relaxed individual, who just needs to make some extra cash, one might consider getting a blog and perhaps writing reviews, and other items that can generate small bits of cash, that can add up over time.

Do you have any interesting new ways to find cash in “hidden” ways?