I love acronyms. They are a great way to remember something or drive home a point. So in this blog I have developed an acronym for the word FITNESS.

“F” is for form. This is a specific way of moving when you are exercising. It oftentimes can help prevent injuries (especially when participating in strength training) but it can also maximize the movement of your muscles. This leads to better results.

“I” is for ideal. You need to find the ideal exercise regimen and eating plan that benefits you the most. This may take time, some research and trying out different things before you find something that not only works for you but you enjoy.

“T” is for tone. Choose an area of the body that you especially wish to tone. Find exercises that specifically work this area of the body and spend at least a month focusing on it. Then move onto another area.

“N” is for nourishment. Pick foods that are nourishing to your body. What you feed your body will impact the way it looks and feels. If you want to lose weight and you want to feel good, choose healthy foods.

“E” is for exercise. Decide that exercise will be something you do every single day. Even if it’s just taking a 10 minute walk…start somewhere. Of course, the best thing to do is put together an exercise routine and then just do it.

“S” is for socializing. If you don’t like to workout alone, then join a gym or invite a friend to take a daily walk with you. For some people, they need to integrate some form of socializing into their workouts.

“S” is for self-control. This is an important word if you are ever going to be successful in your fitness lifestyle. Learn how to exercise self-control, saying no to those things you shouldn’t eat or saying no to hours of sitting on your bum. On the other hand, learn how to say yes to healthy food choices and to exercise.

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