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Five Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

eggs in basket Who says you have to spend to spend a lot on Easter Baskets? I don’t like baskets myself because they just get thrown out (waste) or need to be stored the whole year to use just one day (clutter). If you just look around, I bet you’ll find many creative ideas for things you can use instead of those expensive baskets. Reusing the “baskets” will make things especially frugal for Easter. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Plastic sand pails with shovels are on sale now in preparation for the upcoming summer. Snag a few colorful pails and fill them. The kids will have an extra gift for the sandbox. You can even keep to a theme, adding a sand mold in the basket. Have a trail of Easter eggs lead through your backyard to the sandbox.

This is a sweet idea for a little girl. Fill an Easter bonnet or hat with the goodies. After the bonnet is emptied, it can be worn for Easter. If you want to keep with a theme, include pretty hair ribbons and clips, a child’s hand mirror, and play jewelry.

A nice sized flower pot would make a great Easter basket. It comes with a built in activity that you can share as a family. Include packets of seeds, pretty gardening stones, child sized gardening gloves and more. You’ll be thinking about spring in no time.

Look around your home and see if you already have any wicker baskets that are currently used to store other things. Most home seems to have at least one or two baskets. If you do, empty out whatever is currently in them and repurpose them for the day. You can fill them with Easter treats and then return them from whence they came; no extra expense and no waste or extra storage needed.

This is a sneaky idea, but it works. Is there anything that you have been meaning to buy for your home that would make a good container? One year we needed a popcorn bowl. We purchased it and used it for an Easter basket before incorporating it into our regular household stuff. Yes, we did include some popcorn in this basket, which my kids love.

Do you have any more ideas for frugal Easter Baskets? Please share!

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