Five Ways to Get Amusement Park Discounts

amusement park funDo you think that you have to pay hundreds of dollars to visit an amusement park? Well, sure, if you don’t know the secret to getting amusement park discounts. Combine the strategies that work best for you and save big when you have a fun family day at the park. Save the difference for souvenirs, lots and lots of souvenirs, another trip back again, or a trip somewhere else!

End of Season Discounts

The end of the summer or early fall may mean that you can score some great end of the season discounts at the amusement parks. As the weather cools and the crowd thins, the parks start offering up extra incentives to bring families back. You may find buy one get one free deals on admission, adults paying kid prices or even free days, so look around and take advantage of these great deals. The first stop you should make is the website for the amusement park itself.

Online Discounts

Do a search for the name of your amusement park and the word coupon or discount. You may find some deals on deal sites that give you a major savings. Also look to the amusement park website itself. Often, purchasing tickets ahead of time online is much cheaper than buying them at the gate. You will also be able to get right in the gate instead of waiting on a long line once you get there.

Promotional Discounts

Amusement parks often partner with product manufacturers, retail stores and grocery stores to bring you discounts. Pay attention to packaging and all of those little pieces of paper and fliers at the entrances to stores. You just may score a coupon that is good for a discount.

Also check with your local town, home association, civic organization or church. You may be able to purchase discounted admission through these offices and save as much as 50 percent off of the price to play.

Local Discounts

Do you live in the same town or state as the amusement park? If so, you may be eligible for a regional rate just for residents! This may include anything from one-day passes to seasonal passes. In some cases, you may even get a discount on hotel packages as well! This is especially true for Florida amusement parks.

Multi-Day Passes

Sometimes you just don’t want the fun to end, and you can save big with multi-day passes or seasonal passes. Often you can just add a second day to your trip for just a few dollars more, or if you arrive after a certain time, usually 4 or 5pm, you often get the next day’s admission for free. With a larger family, it might actually pay to purchase a seasonal family pass or membership. You may actually save more that way than paying full price for one day of your trip. Plus you can come back any time during the season for free.