Five Ways to Save on Your Next Move

iStock_movingSummer is a prime time for moving. Families typically uproot at this time, when the weather is good, the kids are out of school and the parents can take time off of work. With the economy picking up, the demand for moving services is picking up as well. This means that costs may be slightly higher than in previous years.

If you are planning or considering a move and are budget-conscious, you’ll want to keep reading. There are a few insider tips and tricks that can greatly reduce the costs associated with moving.

Don’t Move at the End of the Month

If you move on the last day of the month, you will pay more for your moving services. This is because the demand is higher. Many new leases start on the first of the month, so there is a lot of competition out there that you will be up against. As a result of the increased demand, prices are higher. Another popular day to move is the 15th of the month. Even changing your date to the 13th or 14th can make a difference in the amount that you will pay. Choose another time of the month  for the lowest estimates.

Do the Packing Yourself

Hold a moving party and pay your friends and family with pizza and drinks. Secure free boxes from bookstores, liquor stores and big box stores, or purchase them for a fraction of the cost online from someone else who has recently moved.

Use newspaper, as well as hand towels, sheets and other household soft things to pack breakables. Be sure to label boxes or number them and keep a list of the contents inside.

Do These Month Ahead Tasks

At least one month ahead do a couple of things. First, book your moving services. Booking in advance will give you an edge when it comes to price, plus you will know that your moving day is secure (don’t worry, most companies will allow you to change the day with a few days notice, if something does come up). Another plus, you can select the best company and not have to settle for less at the last minute.

Booking in advance gives you a great little bit of negotiation power. The company knows that they have a secure customer and may be willing to work with you.

Another task to do ahead of time is to de-clutter. Letting go of things you don’t need will cut down your costs tremendously. Less stuff to move means less of an expense. Bless others with your extra stuff (instead of the moving company with extra costs), and get a fresh start.

Get a Guaranteed Price in Advance

Moving companies have a few different ways of charging their customers. They may charge by the hour, they may use a binding estimate or they may charge a flat fee. Whatever price you negotiate, make sure that you get it in writing. This will save you from unexpected surprises later, and you won’t be hit with extra costs saving you on the overall expense of your move. Some companies provide a low estimate and then hike up the price when your items are on the truck.

Protect Your Valuables

To prevent anything really valuable from being stolen or broken, make sure to move it yourself. Place those items, from jewelry to computers in your own car (or that of a relative or trustworthy friend) for the trip to your new home. Don’t forget important documents that contain personal information. Identity theft occurred during your move can have a very high cost.

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