Five Fun Tag Variations

These are some variations on the simple game of tag.

1. Wood Tag
This game is just like simple tag, except a player who is touching something made of wood is “safe.” This is a good indoor tag variation. Needless to say, it might not be too much fun in a forest, but could be a lot of fun in a back yard with sparse trees.

2. French Tag
This is a cool variation because it has boundaries, and so can be played in a little less space, maybe indoors. The smaller the boundaries, the more agility required of the players. A lot of obstacles, such as things players can climb over, can make it even more challenging. I’m still trying to figure out why it’s called “French” tag.

3. Squat Tag
This version is played within boundaries too. The player who’s “it” can chase any other players. If the player being chased is close to getting caught, they can squat down quickly and be safe. The catch is that a player may only squat a certain number of times, and this has to be agreed on by all the players at the start of the game. The fewer number of squats allowed, the faster the game.

4. Cross tag
This version is fun because the pursuit involves three players. The person who is “it” chooses a player to chase. That person gets a little head start. Another player then tries to cross between them. The player who successfully crosses becomes “it.”

5. Freeze Tag
In this variation, instead of being “it” once a player is tagged, that player “freezes” in place. After being frozen, a player may be unfrozen by the tag of another player. The game is over when all of the players are frozen. The last person frozen is “it” in the next round.