Four Computer Manufacturers that Offer Deals for Students, Homeschoolers, Teachers and Parents

computerIf you are a student, the parent of a student, a homeschooler or a teacher, you can score big discounts on new computers. That is because of the fact that at least four different computer and technology manufacturers offer programs that discount computers and necessary software. Some of these computer manufacturers also offer other perks to go along with the student-related discounts.

Mac (Apple’s Education Pricing)

This program offers students discounts of up to 15 percent on their purchases, and it includes free shipping, if you order online. The discount is also good for homeschooling parents, teachers and parents buying a computer for a student.

HP (The HP Academy)

Students and young as Kindergarten age can get up to 15 percent off. The discount extends all the way through high school and college.

Dell (Dell Deals for Education)

Visit the Dell website and then navigate over to the student section. You can find plenty of student-only deals and discounts. Offers and models change frequently. There is also a laptop and notebook outlet to help a student get a good deal on a computer.

Lenovo (Lenovo’s Campus Purchase Program)

This program gives exclusive offers and deals to students, including academic pricing for students all the way up through college.

Additional Computer Savvy Saving Tips:

Find out if you can order a computer through your school. You may be able to score and even greater discount.

Check out refurbished computers which include the current and latest models, as well as the warranty. The difference is that these computers were returned for any reason and then reconfigured and re-certified.

When in a retail store, ask if you can purchase a floor or display model. You’ll still be eligible for the normal manufacture warranty, so you’ll be protected the same way you would if you purchased a computer in the box. The difference is that you’ll save at least 30 percent on the computer or device.

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