Four Free Things to Do This Summer

iStock_000004625200XSmall(2)Summer is coming! Families all over are starting to plan their recreation for the warmest season. Fit in more fun this summer when you include plenty of free activities that won’t affect your family finances. Keeping the kids busy has never been easier or cheaper.

Make sure to do your research early, as some of these free events require registration and can fill up quickly.

Free Factory Tours

All around the country you’ll find free factory tours. Witness the making or potato chip or chocolate or find out how jelly beans are formed. Sniff perfume before it is bottled or sit on the newest motorcycle prototypes.

Some free factor tours require reservations while others allow you to simply drop in. Do your research online to find the free factor tours closest to you. All states in the nation have a few different tours to choose among.

The Great Outdoors

Having fun in the great outdoors stretches back through time. From hiking in the woods to visiting national parks to just taking a gentle stroll in a pleasant and scenic neighborhood, the great outdoors is the ultimate free way to have fun.

Often national parks have museums or visitor’s centers on site that may or may not be free but might add to your experience.

Take a couple of day trips to natural attractions that are not far from you door, and you’ll be able to have some free fun this summer. Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug repellent as needed.

For additional fun, bring along bikes if allowed.

Concerts and Theater and Festivals, Oh My!

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the many free concerts, outdoor theater, movie showings, and other shows and events that take place. These fun and free activities are often sponsored by local townships or civic groups and usually feature a wide variety of entertainment for the whole family.

Often, free refreshments are also included as a bonus.

Check with your local town, library, school, church, or chamber of commerce to flush out opportunities.

Fun You Don’t Have to Return

Speaking of libraries, most county library systems offer a ton of free fun in the summer, from free science classes, to art exhibits, to magic shows. There are also various clubs for kids and adults, such as a Lego club, a chess club, or a senior outing club. Simply pick up a monthly calendar at your local library branch or peruse your library’s website. Then select the events you would like to attend and mark them on your calendar.

Usually these library events are free to the entire community and beyond. You won’t even need a library card to attend.

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