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Four Things I Cut in Half to Save Money

scissors There are many things in our home that we cut in half in order to save money. When we make those cuts, we never notice a difference. Using the recommended amount or the size something comes in isn’t necessarily the best idea, especially when something will work the same way, or sometimes works even better when it is cut in half. Your products will last twice as long!

Laundry detergent

I always use about half of what is recommended on those cap fill lines or the powder scoops. Why? I find that with a good detergent, the clothes get just as clean and smell just as fresh as if I just the entire amount. Plus, my clothes rinse cleaner, and I don’t have the issue of extra soap embedded in the fibers. When you can rinse a previously washed item in the sink and see suds come out of it, you know there is detergent left behind. Don’t believe me, just try it.

Facial Cloths

I really like those facial cleaning cloths, but I find that there is too much soap on them as is. So when I open a box of them, I cut them in half and put them back in the box. I tried cutting them into quarters, and that worked, but I confess that cutting them in half left me with the perfect size.


Unless you have unusually large hands, half of a sponge is usually just right for washing the dishes or wiping down the kitchen. You’ll never miss the other half, and you can use it in rotation, so while one half is being sanitized in the dish washer, the other can be in use.

Hand Soap

I used refills to fill up my soap dispenser. I found that when I only filled it up half way and used water for the other half, I cut down on the extra mess of sticky soap in the bathrooms and extra suds left in the sink. It also reduced the monthly cost of using the hand soap by half.

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