Free Coloring Pages for Memorial Day

Need some inexpensive fun to entertain the kids with during Memorial Day weekend? Try some of these coloring pages! They are free to download and print.Looking for an inexpensive way to keep the little ones entertained over the Memorial Day weekend? Try some of these Memorial Day coloring pages. You can download them and print them out for free! Even “big kids” can have fun with these. has a coloring page that is called “Memorial Day”. It shows a picture of an American flag and an eagle, with mountains in the background. has a coloring page called “Color the flag of the USA”. As you may have expected, the coloring sheet has an image of an American flag for kids to color. has a coloring page called “We Salute You”. It shows a picture of three cartoon military people, in uniform, who are standing in front of the building where Congress meets.

FreeColoringPageFun has a coloring page that shows the image of a waving American flag that is on a flag pole. The bottom stripe in the flag says “Memorial Day”.

321ColoringPages also has a coloring page of an American flag that is not waiving. The stripes, and the space between the stars, are very close together on this one. Little kids might have difficulty staying in the lines.

321ColoringPages has a coloring page that says “Memorial Day” in large, rounded, cartoon lettering. The letter’s D and A in the word “Day” have stars on them.

PatrioticColoringPages has twelve different coloring pages for Memorial Day. The images show military men in uniform, children waving United States flags, and more. For a wider selection, click through to the next page, where you will find twelve more coloring pages that show images of military personnel, an air craft carrier, a plane, and more. These coloring pages are detailed, and may catch the attention of older children.

Apples4TheTeacher has a coloring page that kids can do online. It shows a heart with a “stars and stripes” decoration on it. It looks like the image can be printed out after it is colored. This one would be easy for younger children, who are working on fine motor control.

Image by WoodleyWonderWorks on Flickr