Free Fun to Battle the Winter Blues

This week, much of the nation has been paralyzed by brutally cold temperatures.  In my neck of the woods, several school districts closed because it was simply too dangerous to allow children to be exposed to -35 degree windchills.

Old Man Winter’s brutal blast has forced many families indoors where they are spending quality time together watching movies, playing board games and cooking.  Fortunately, these activities don’t have to put a strain on your household budget, including the movie-watching.

These days there are a slew of simple ways you can avoid paying high fees for movie rentals.  One of the easiest is to stream flicks on the Internet or download them on your computer, and then watch them with your clan in the comfort of your warm and cozy living room. is one of the most popular sites to obtain free movies.  The film selection on Hulu is incredible, plus you don’t need to fork over a membership fee to watch the site’s collection of current flicks.  The downside to viewing movies featured on Hulu is that each film includes short commercial breaks.

Another affordable option is Movieflix.  This reputable site offers a vast collection of family-friendly big screen classics, including educational offerings, comedies and thrillers.  The catch is that not all of the tiles are available for free.  Ditto for, which offers some free movies, as well as others that require a fee to stream online.  If you visit this site, look for the listed titles that don’t feature a key next to them.  The key indicates that a movie is “locked” and requires payment to view.

If you have young children in need of entertainment, check out the selections featured on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).  This site pulls movies from various sources such as Amazon and YouTube.  Your best bet is to search “family.”  This will take you to a screen that lists more than 2000 movie titles that are appropriate for kids 12 and under to view.

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