Freebies on Fragrance, Justin Bieber, Beech-Nut, and More!

Calvin Klein Beauty perfumeIt’s nice to be able to get something when it is on sale, and at a lower price than usual. What’s even better? Getting something for free! Most freebies don’t last for very long, so you have to grab them right away. Here’s a collection of freebies to get started with.

Calvin Klein is giving away free samples of their fragrance “Beauty”. To get it, you need to fill in the form on their website. They will send out “one postcard sized sample per customer – while stacks last”.

Gucci is giving away a free sample of their fragrance “Gucci Guilty Black”. To get it, you must fill in the form on their website. You will receive your sample in 4 to 6 weeks.

Escada is offering free samples of their perfume. The link will take you to where to get the samples if you live in the United States. Fill out the form on their website. Select which fragrance you would like a free sample of: Cherry in the Air, Especially Escada delicate notes, or Especially Escada.

Beech-Nut will give parents a free Beech-Nut Stage 4/Stage 5 Toddler Welcome Kit. It includes samples of their toddler food line called “Steamies”, “Goodies”, and “Fruites”. To get the free kit, you must sign up for their free monthly eNewsletter (which has helpful advice and coupons). This offer is for new subscribers and will continue “while supplies last”.

PetCo has a coupon for a free can of Friskies (5.5 ounce size) or Fancy Feast (3 ounce size) cat food. This coupon will expire on May 31, 2013.

Amazon is offering a free download of the album “Allegro Classical Winter 2013 Sampler”. This is perfect for people who aren’t looking forward to Spring. You can listen to each song before you download it, and can choose to download specific songs or the entire album.

Amazon is also offering a free download of the song “All I Want is You” by Justin Bieber right now.

The National Park Service will send you a free Bear Safety Packet. It includes a free Bear Safety Sticker. The purpose of the packet is to teach children who are going camping about bear safety.

Image by antaean on Flickr