Frequently Asked Questions about Disney Parks Merchandise

disney village

The official Disney Parks blog recently published a helpful post for any fans of Disney merchandise: answers to the most frequently asked questions about shopping at the Disney parks.  If you like to collect all the unique swag that you can from the parks, this post is just for you.  Let’s look at the points.

The first is that some merchandise is completely unique to the Disney Parks.  While the Disney Store and other affiliates do sell some pieces in locations all around the world, there are some things that you can only get if you’re in one of the Happiest Places on Earth.

How do you tell that what you’re checking out is unique to the Disney Parks?  It’s easy: look for the official logo.  If that collectible is something special, it’ll come with a logo that says “Authentic Original Disney Parks.”  That’s how you’ll know you’ve got something unique on your hands.  The goods that most commonly come with the authentic seal are seasonal items, apparel, and special collectibles.

The second point is that yes, some collectibles from the Disney Parks are available online.  There is a Disney Parks Boutique within the official Disney Store website.  It even sells some items with the official “Authentic Original Disney Parks” stamp.  Yes, that seems a little counter intuitive: I thought the whole point of the stamp is that you could only get it at the Disney Parks.  I guess the Disney Parks online boutique counts as that.

Not all authentic stamped items are online, and there are more, less unique items also being sold.  Basically, if you missed your chance to get something at the parks, or you’d like some parks merchandise but don’t think you’ll be able to make a trip anytime soon, you just might get lucky shopping online.

The last two points also relate to online services.  If you become a fan of Disney Parks Shoppes on Facebook, you’ll get all the latest information on new merchandise coming to the parks.  There are even some “Facebook Firsts” items on display, just for people who have become fans of the Shoppes on Facebook.

The final point is that if there’s ever an item unique to the Disney Parks or Aulani that you’d like to learn more about, there’s a service available for you: Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services.  Are you trying to track down a special present for a loved one (or for yourself)?  They just might be able to get it for you.  They can’t help you find any item that’s available at the two domestic parks or the Hawaii resort, but they can help you with select items.  To contact them, call 877-560-6477 or email


*(The above image by Phil South is licensed under the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License).