From Soggy to SOLD

It was the story that had cereal lovers examining each and every cornflake BEFORE putting it in their mouths. And one that made me nearly gag on my morning muffin. Now the drama is finally over and two sisters from Virginia are $1,350 richer for it.

For those of you who haven’t had your breakfast subjected to this corny tale allow me to get you caught up:

Twenty-three-year-old Melissa McIntire and her 15-year-old sister Emily were innocently filling their bowls with cornflakes earlier this month when they came across a flake they swore looked exactly like the state of Illinois. (Only a lot smaller and much crunchier.)

When the sisters saw the flake they did what all cash strapped Internet crazed youngsters do these days—-they listed it on eBay.

The flaky auction item made headlines around the world and within days of listing the piece of dry cereal bids had exceeded $100,000. That’s when eBay officials stepped in and canceled the auction saying it violated the website’s food policy.

Undeterred the sisters re-listed the flake on eBay advertising it as a coupon redeemable for the corn flake, instead of the cereal itself.

Clever… still corny… but clever nonetheless.

In the end, the sisters sold the flake to the owner of a trivia website who says he wants to add it to a traveling museum.

“We’re starting a collection of pop culture and Americana items,” the auction winner from Austin, Texas told local news reporters. “We thought this was a fantastic one.”

That guy might be interested to know that since the sisters placed their cornflake on eBay a number of copycats have emerged. Currently, eBay is selling cornflakes shaped like Hawaii and Virginia. There’s also a listing for a potato chip shaped like Florida, and Illinois cornflake paraphernalia, including T-shirts and buttons.

Are you gagging yet?

As for the McIntires they say they will likely use their eBay profits for a family vacation.

And might I suggest a nice toaster.

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