4 Frugal and Free Easter Goodies for the Kids

4 Frugal and Free Easter Goodies for the Kids | Families.comCelebrate Easter and thrill your little ones all while still staying frugal. Like so many frugal practices, it not about doing without but in how you go about getting what you need.

Even the Easter Bunny is tightening its belt these days, it seems. Here is some advice that will keep the Easter bunny on track no matter how many little ones he has to deliver to.


If you don’t already have the baskets you need around your home, just get creative. An inexpensive sand bucket usually costs less than an Easter Basket and is a bonus toy that your child can play with after the Easter Basket is emptied.

For a rock bottom price of free, look up paper baskets online and then craft your own.

Basket Fillers

Look for leftover Valentine’s chocolate deals to help fill up an Easter basket, take advantage of the dollar area at Target, shop dollar stores, or buy Easter basket goodies in bulk (such as at Oriental Trading) and split them with other moms you know.

Egg Coloring Kits

Skip the expense of an egg coloring kit. Chances are that you already have everything you need at home to dye your eggs, from standard food coloring to tea bags, koolaid or other items that can be used to color. Check Pinterest or Google for homemade eye dyeing ideas.

Easter Egg Hunts

We used to go all out with Easter Egg hunts in our backyard. That is until we decided to participate in a community Easter Egg hunt. Our kids got to hunt for toy and candy filled eggs and had a chance to find a golden egg worth a gift card, as well as enter an egg decorating contest.

There are usually a number of community egg hunts, so your kids can hunt their eggs, all for free.


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