Frugal Holiday Ideas for Leftover Wrapping Paper

wrapping paperYou know all of those little extra pieces of wrapping paper that are too small to use? Do you save them anyway? I do. I always feel guilty throwing them out, but it is very rare for me to find that I have presents small enough to use them. Most of the presents under our tree are for the kids, so they tend to be larger and usually made out of plastic, not small like jewelry.

Then there is the time after the gift are unwrapped. What do you do with all of that leftover gift wrap that winds up all over the floor on Christmas morning? It seems such a waste, doesn’t it? Sure, you can fold it up and try to use it again, but sometimes it is too torn or wrinkled for that.

So, the solution here is to find ways of being able to reuse leftover wrapping paper in fun, creative ways. You can assuage the guilt and get something practical out of the deal, all while saving money.

Get a hole punch and punch out different pieces of wrapping paper for holiday confetti. You can use the confetti to decorate a table, include it in a wrapped gift for fun, or save it for New Years Eve. We happen to have a small hole punch that punches out christmas tree shaped punches, and that is fun. I picked it up for less than $1, and the kids use it for other crafts throughout the season as well.

Turn the wrapping paper into a gift itself, by lining a wooden tray or a plastic plate. The beauty of this is that you can either use one piece of pretty paper or create a collage out of several smaller pieces of wrapping paper in different designs.

You can turn that wrapping paper into holiday decorations. Cut some pieces into snowflakes. You can also cut them into triangles and then hang a string of them together for an easy to make banner.

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