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Frugal Tips to Decorate Creatively

Decorating your home with little touches, is a wonderful way to make it yours, and comfortable. However, it can be extremely expensive when you got purchase all the extras and wall hangings. Here are some ideas for decorating a bit more creatively, with not a lot of money.

Tip #1 – Stock up on Frames

Keep them on hand. Buy them at garage and yard sales, antique stores and on clearance at local department and discount chains. If someone offers to give you some, take them. Store them in a closet until you need them. THEN, when you are ready to use them, either leave them the way they are, or paint them to match the décor you are using. In addition, do not limit yourself to professional artwork. Frame your children’s artwork, play with art yourself and create framed pieces for your wall. Even magazine advertisements can work as beautiful artwork.

Tip #2 – Learn to Sew and Collect Fabric

Fabric goes on sale about a hundred times a year. Okay maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. However, fabric is easy to come by, if you know where to look. First of course, watch for sales at craft stores, look for bags at yard sales, etc. and don’t forget your own ruined sheets and blankets, clothing and other items will work perfectly for fabric. Now, use that fabric to create curtains, throw pillows, cover frames, even create table runners and other things.

Tip #3 – Collect glassware

An eclectic collection of glassware can lend a really cool look to any room depending on what you place inside. You can fill kitchen decorations with dried colored beans, rice, pastas, etc. In the living room you can fill with potpourri, candy, natural items (pine cones, leaves, acorns, etc.) The bathroom, the glassware can be filled with soaps or even soap shavings, Q-tips, cotton balls, sea shells, plastic flowers, candles, etc.

Just get creative and you will find decorations hiding in places you might not otherwise have thought of. More great frugal decorating articles coming soon to the frugal living blog.

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