Frugal Ways to Entertain Your Kids this Summer

Bubbles resizedSummer vacation is a time that most children excitedly look forward to. It is easy to see why. They get a whole lot of free time! Parents are going to need some frugal ideas for fun activities that will entertain their children. Here are a few ideas to try.

Little kids cannot get enough of bubbles! You can pick up small bottles of bubbles, complete with bubble wand, from a dollar store. Check the dollar racks at Target, too. Parents can sit down outdoors and blow bubbles that their toddlers will chase. Older kids can blow bubbles on their own. When you run out of the bubble solution, it is easy to make more from water and a little bit of dish soap.

Go to the park
Public playgrounds are awesome because they give kids who don’t have backyards a safe place to run around, burn energy, and play. Another great thing about parks is that they are free. Your family can take a walk to the park that is closest to where you live, play, and then walk home. It’s a great way to get some exercise.

Another option is to spend the summer doing a tour of all the parks that are located near where you live. Start with the one that your kids are most familiar with. Spend the summer exploring the rest.

Online story time
Barnes & Noble has an online storytime that your children can watch for free. It includes picture books that are read by their authors (or by celebrities). The videos are short and can be watched over and over again (until your child is ready to move on to a new story).

Visit the Library
There are so many good reasons to visit your local library this summer! It is nice to be able to check out books for free. (Just make sure you return them in time so you won’t have to pay a late fee).

Your kids can choose books that interest them. Parents of preschoolers can use those books for an at home story time. Most public libraries are air conditioned. If your home is not air conditioned, you may want to use the local library as a “cooling station” for a few hours.

Image by Jeff Kubina on Flickr.

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