Fun Christmas Competitions Among Friends

What’s a little competition amongst friends?

If you can maintain some perspective, a little friendly rivalry during the holiday season can be fun.

This is especially true if you are hosting a Christmas party.  Playing games and setting up a few holiday-themed contests allow you to keep spirits high.  Your guests will surely leave your home smiling after participating in the following festive activities:

Scavenger Hunt:  Use a bunch of holiday items, such as tree ornaments, stuffed snowmen, and jarred holiday spices as the objects your guests have to hunt for in and around your home.

Santa Scamper:  Players race to see who can put on a Santa costume the fastest. You can purchase cheap Santa suits, white beards and boots at consignment stores or Goodwill.

Snowball Toss:  This game can be played indoors or out.  If you choose the latter, use a wheelbarrow or bucket for players to toss the snowballs in.  If you don’t have snow or it’s too cold to send guests outside to play, simply roll up white paper and form into “snowballs” or glue a bunch of cotton balls together.  Then, set out buckets or small laundry baskets for players to toss the balls into from a challenging distance.

Wrapping Race:  Gather several odd-shaped items to wrap, and then have players face each other at a table.  The person must completely wrap the item and include a ribbon and gift tag. The fastest wrapper wins the game.  To make the game more challenging, blindfold players before they start wrapping.  Likewise, you can make the game easier for young players by having them wrap a small box.

Holiday Memory:  Fill a tray or large platter with a variety of small and large holiday-themed items.  Next, gather your guests and have study the tray for about three minutes.  After the designated time period has expired, remove the tray and have the guests write down the items they remember.  The person or group who is able to correctly list the most items is the winner.




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