Fun Father’s Day Reads

Forget about the tacky tie, fluorescent golf balls, and the tennis racket-shaped bug zapper.  What Dad really wants this Father’s Day is some quality time with the TV remote, his trusty recliner and a plate of bacon.

Of course, what Dad wants for the upcoming holiday and what his enthusiastic young offspring want for him may be vastly different.  Fortunately, the following Father’s Day reads may be the key to compromise.  Kids can cuddle up with Dad on his favorite chair and share quality time reading the delightful holiday-themed page turners… while Mom cooks a pile of pork products for a post-story time snack.

The Berenstain Bears:  We Love Our Dad!

bearbookPapa Bear never had it so good.  His three cubs are planning to give him a Father’s Day gift he’ll never forget:  A day off from chores.

Brother, Sister and Honey Bear decide to spoil Papa by letting him lounge in his recliner all day while they take over his honey-do list.  However, once the pint-sized bears get cracking on the multi-page manifest, they realize their idea may not be as sweet as their favorite sticky snack.

“Papa, we’re having trouble.  Can you help us?”

It’s a line used quite frequently in The Berenstain Bears:  We Love Our Dad!

Fortunately, Papa Bear loves his cubs just as much and doesn’t hesitate to extract his body from his comfy chair and help them wash his car, clean his workshop and spread grass seed on the bare spots peppering the front yard.

The colorful picture book, with its vibrant illustrations and kid-friendly text, gently reminds children not to take for granted all the wonderful things dads do to keep them safe and happy.  Young bookworms may even be inspired to follow in the cubs’ paw prints and lend a hand around the house so Dad can relax on his special day.

Splat the Cat:  The Perfect Present for Mom & Dad

splatWho says you have to wait for a holiday to show parents how much you appreciate them?

Splat the Cat and his siblings want their mom and dad to know how grateful they are for making their lives meow-rific.  While their plan is noble, the kittens struggle with the execution.

Glitter is scattered, beads are strung and castles are constructed, but the cat siblings still struggle to connect on the perfect gift for their parents.  The disjointed present comes together once the fluffy felines join forces rather than competing against each other.

A lot of creative kitty energy is spent crafting a stunning masterpiece, only a funny thing happens after the presentation.  Fortunately, Ma and Pa Cat put things in perspective and the adorably illustrated book ends on a happy note.

Splat the Cat:  The Perfect Present for Mom & Dad is a charming read for Father’s Day and beyond as it captures the essence of a loving parent-child relationship.  Whether your child is part of a traditional family unit or the father figure in your kid’s life is an uncle, grandpa, cousin or friend, Splat the Cat’s adventures are sure to entertain and engage, especially since the book comes with an entire page of stickers.  The eye-popping decals can be used by kids to make their own thank-you card for a special person in their lives.

You can get a sneak peek of The Berenstain Bears:  We Love Our Dad! and Splat the Cat:  The Perfect Present for Mom & Dad by visiting HarperCollins’ website.  Copies of both books are also available at discount stores nationwide.

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