Fun Ways to Survive the Heat Wave

Sizzling temperatures, streaming sweat and screaming kids. Fun times. A mid-summer heat wave is blanketing the nation this week.  According to meteorologists, more than 50 million people will be affected by dangerously high temperatures which could last all the way through Saturday. Hitting the beach or heading to a local pool is a great way to beat the heat, but for some kids the splishing and splashing may get old after a few days.  With excessive heat warnings posted in dozens of cities, some parents may opt to remain indoors with their children.  If you choose to stay cool in the … Continue reading

High-Flying Fun

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to keep your kids busy this summer, grab a kite and head outdoors.  Kite-flying is a breeze when you’ve got the entire family working together to bring your colorful flying machine to life.  Getting a kite to take flight also lends itself to a slew of educational opportunities.  Kids can get hands-on lessons in math, science, history and geography all while having fun.  What’s more, there’s something to be said about the sense of pride a child feels when she gets a kite to dance across the summer sky. Fortunately, … Continue reading

When Mother Nature Rains on Your Summer Fun

Hundreds of towns and cities throughout the south are cancelling or postponing their Fourth of July festivities due to massive storms slamming into the region.  Torrential rains have turned the area into a soggy mess forcing parents to scramble to salvage their family’s mid-summer plans. If Mother Nature rains on your parade, cook-out, party or other outdoor activity this season, consider keeping your kids entertained inside with these summer-themed projects: Campfire Prints:  Have kids use crayons, markers or colored pencils to draw a large circle on a piece of paper.  Next, have them glue gemstones on the circle to mimic … Continue reading

Have a Kickin’ Kindergarten Graduation Party

They may be little, but graduation day is still a big deal for kindergarteners.  Young kids love to celebrate and while mastering the ABCs and 123s may not compare to earning a college degree, it warrants some type of ceremony. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank honoring your little graduate.  Rather, keep the shindig simple by selecting a theme that yields itself to inexpensive fun.  For example: Books:  Ask your child’s teacher what books the kids read in class during the course of the academic year.  Then, select a few titles and incorporate them into the theme.  You … Continue reading

Budget Graduation Parties

In 1996, the late, great American novelist Nora Ephron shared the following pearl of wisdom with Wellesley College’s graduating class:  “Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.” Ten years into the future, not every student will be able to remember the commencement speech given on graduation day, but he will likely recall the party celebrating his academic achievements.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go bankrupt hosting a summer shindig for your graduating student. By incorporating these affordable elements, you can give your grad a rad party he will remember for years to come: Open House:  … Continue reading

Affordable DIY Grad Day Decorations

Pinching pennies is no fun; however, finding ways to create memorable graduation day decorations without breaking the bank is sure to bring a smile to your face. Instead of getting despondent about not being able to afford expensive embellishments for your graduate’s party, consider buying budget items and jazzing them up at home.  For example, rather than splurging on pricey banners from the store, make your own at home using your laptop and printer.  You can personalize the look by choosing a fun font and some festive images that will enhance the commencement theme. Another way to save on party … Continue reading

Dive Into Summer Fun

Contending with rising temperatures doesn’t have to be a summer bummer.  With a little planning you can have fun beating the heat without busting your budget. Splash into the season with a pool party to remember; only instead of draining your wallet on expensive invitations and activities, consider these affordable options: DIY FISH INVITATIONS Download a fish template from the Internet or free-hand one on construction paper and cut out the center of it.  When you are done, you should have a fish-shaped frame and a smaller paper fish.  Place the frame on the sticky side of clear contact paper. … Continue reading

Sip Up Summer Fun

Think about your favorite summer activity.  Do you cherish lounging by the pool, barbequing in the backyard or sitting on the front porch watching your kids catch fireflies? Regardless of where you most enjoy spending the dog days of summer, there’s nothing quite like an ice cold beverage to beat the heat.  Of course, you can’t have fun in you are totally tanked.  Nor is it much fun for kids if they get stuck drinking water while the adults gleefully sip colorful fruity concoctions from neon straws. This summer, have fun making these nonalcoholic tropical drinks that can be served … Continue reading

Host An Affordable Cinco de Mayo Party

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo doesn’t have to leave you peso-less.  There are many ways you can throw a frugal fiesta on the fifth day of May.  The key is to make use of everyday items you already have around your home and turn them into priceless parts of your party. Here are some ideas to get you started: DECORATIONS Who says you need to fill your home with fresh flowers in order to have a successful Cinco de Mayo shindig?  Instead of busting your budget on fresh blooms, make your own colorful creations with tissue paper.  All you need is … Continue reading

Homemade Cinco de Mayo Fun

Ole!  It’s almost time to fiesta Cinco de Mayo-style. Fortunately, throwing a party to celebrate El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (The Day of the Battle of Puebla) doesn’t have to cost you plenty of pesos.  Instead of heading to your local party shop to purchase fancy games and decorations, look around your house for items that can be given a Mexican twist. For example, you can pull out an old “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game, make some minor changes with a Sharpie and play “Pin the Sombrero on the Burro.”  The Mexican hats can be sketched … Continue reading