Furniture Deals and Discounts in February

furniture dealsLast Saturday, my family and I spent most of the afternoon at IKEA. We are finally at the  point of furnishing the living room, and we wanted to get some good ideas. Plus, I needed to pick up some personal laundry hampers for two of the kids, since their clothes never seem to find their way into the main upstairs laundry hamper.

One of the things that we noticed while at IKEA is that there were a number of furniture items that were discounted by up to 30 percent. These were tagged “last chance” because they were being discontinued to make way for new models.

IKEA isn’t the only furniture store that is discounting some of its inventory. In fact, February is a prime time to seek out furniture deals and discounts. These stores want to clear their floors and distributing centers so they can bring in the latest trends and models in furniture.

Don’t stop with the regular furniture either. Floor models can be deeply discounted, up to 70 percent off. Be sure to check these pieces carefully, since they may have slight damage to them in the form of dings or scratches, since they have been on display. Usually, there is no more damage than might occur in a typical family home after the furniture has been in place for a couple of months. These means you can save quite a lot over the normal retail cost of this furniture.

If you are looking to purchase furniture this month, look not only to the retail stores, but also to resale shops, online community ads, such as Craigslist, and online auctions, such as eBay. As homeowners and apartment dwellers upgrade their furniture or change their decor, they may have their previous furniture for sale at a fraction of the original purchase price. Look for sellers who are local to avoid outrageous shipping prices.

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