More Late January Courses from Family Tree University

The weather outside is cold, and unpleasant to travel in. The dismal weather is probably here to stay for quite a while (depending on where you happen to live). Wouldn’t it be nice to take an online genealogy course from the comfort, and warmth, of your own home? Here are a few more courses from Family Tree University that will start later on this month. Write Your Family History: Create a Captivating Record of Your Family Story This course will begin on January 28, 2013 and continue through March 24, 2013. As you might have noticed, this course is going … Continue reading

Who Do You Think You Are? Live

If you love the genealogy – themed television show, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, you might be interested in knowing that there is a live conference in February, in London, called “Who Do You Think You Are? Live”. The event is sponsored by the Society of Genealogists,, and other vendors. It is a three day event, beginning on Friday, February 22, 2013. If you happen to be in London that weekend, you may want to check out some of the conference’s many workshops, exhibits, performances, and attractions. For example, people from The National Archives will be presenting information … Continue reading

Family Tree University Courses Starting Late January

One of the great things about the internet is that it allows genealogists to take a course on family history, genealogy research techniques, or technology that relates to genealogy, without having to leave their homes. Here are some upcoming online genealogy courses from Family Tree University you may want to check out. They start on January 28, 2013. Finding Female Ancestors This course is instructed by Lisa Alzo. The tuition is $99.99. This is a brand new course. It will begin on January 28, 2013, and end on February 24, 2013. The course teaches you how to trace the ladies … Continue reading

Genealogy Resources on Pinterest

Pinterest is filled with all manner of interesting things! Some of them are related to genealogy. In fact, there are some genealogy websites that have their very own Pinterest page. Here is a quick list of where to look if you want to find some genealogy resources on Pinterest. When I first started using Pinterest, it appeared to be filled with photos of wedding dresses and intricately braided hairdos. You will find a lot of wedding ideas on Pinterest, but that is not the only thing it is for. The main idea of the website is to use it to … Continue reading

Free Genealogy Events in January

Attending a genealogy class, conference, workshop, or meeting doesn’t always have to cost a small fortune. There are plenty that are offered free of charge. One big difference between these type of genealogy events, and genealogy webinars that you get to meet face to face with other genealogists at the events. Here are some that will take place in the last few weeks of January of 2013. January 17: Overton County Historical Society Genealogy Day This event will start at 9:00 in the morning and end at 2:00 in the afternoon. It will take place at the Overton County Veteran’s … Continue reading

What Did Your Parents Eat?

A fun way to explore what life was like for your American ancestors over the past century or so is to learn about the foods that they ate. I like food a lot, and I often wonder about such food – related topics like what my parents ate when they were growing up. My parents were born in the late 1940’s, and today I decided to look around and see what I could learn about what might have been on the table in their homes back then. One of the first things that I learned about food in the Forties … Continue reading

Start Your Own Genealogy “Newspaper”

Have you heard of I just recently started looking at it. You can use it to create a newspaper of articles, photos, and videos that interest you. In other words, genealogists can make their very own newspaper and then share it with other like-minded people through social media. Start by visiting the website. It will ask you if you want to sign up (or log in) through Twitter or through Facebook. I picked Twitter (since I am no longer using Facebook). Next, you will be asked if you want to authorize to use your account. The … Continue reading

January Genealogy Webinars

You can take in a genealogy seminar from the comfort of your own home, and through your very own computer. They are called webinars and can be about any topic at all, including genealogy. Here are a few to check out that will be coming up the next couple of weeks. has started doing webinars through LiveStream once again. It seemed to me that they went on a hiatus for a while (but I could be wrong about that). In order to attend these webinars, you must RSVP. They have several coming up this month. Each will start at … Continue reading

The Worst Genealogy Blog of the Year

Many genealogists take time out of their research to work on their very own, personal, genealogy blog. While some of these blogs are entertaining, informative, and inspirational, others are a chore to try and read. Here are some tips to keep your blog from being deemed “the worst genealogy blog of the year”. Anyone can make a blog. There are several websites that will let you sign up and instantly start creating a blog about whatever topic you like for free. This is both good and bad. It allows every genealogist who desires to make a family history blog the … Continue reading

Add Richness to Your Research With Online History Exhibits

If you are like many genealogy enthusiasts, you consider your hobby to be about much more than tracking down and organizing names and dates. You do want to map out your family tree, but you also want to explore the lives of those people who populate its branches. Historical museums are a wonderful way to do just that, and if there are museums near you that are relevant to your family’s history then you may want to visit them to see what kinds of information they can add to your understanding of what life was like for your ancestors. Many … Continue reading