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Genealogy Alphabet Soup

Today I thought that I would write a little poem, an alphabetical “ode to genealogy” if you will. Enjoy!

A- Is for ancestors, from which we are descended.

B – Is for genealogy books, and reading them is recommended.

C – Is for the care with which we handle ancient records.

D – Is for our role as family history detective.

E – Is for the enormous amounts of time we spend on research.

F – Is for the family, whose history is what we search.

G – Is fairly obvious, that’s for genealogy.

H – Is for how did people ever do this without technology.

I – Is for the interest that we have in this “sport”

J – Is for our journal where we write our report.

K – Is for the king if you descend from royalty.

L – Is for the legends that surround our family.

M – Is for money if you do genealogy work for pay.

N – Is for the burning need to do genealogy each day.

O – Is for online which is a good place to find records.

P – Is for your family’s past which you may find out is checkered.

Q – Is for questions, and genealogists have a few.

R – Is for research, and that is what we do.

S – Is for searching which we do until we find.

T – Is for treasure, my family’s history is mine.

U – Is for unusual things like great-grandpa Wilbrod’s name.

V – Is for our efforts which we hope are not in vain.

W – Is for why it is that we do what we do.

X – Is for x-rays, because those are records too.

Y – Is for you, the genealogist.

Z – Is for zipping along on your research quest.