Genealogy Resources on Pinterest

Pinterest cakePinterest is filled with all manner of interesting things! Some of them are related to genealogy. In fact, there are some genealogy websites that have their very own Pinterest page. Here is a quick list of where to look if you want to find some genealogy resources on Pinterest.

When I first started using Pinterest, it appeared to be filled with photos of wedding dresses and intricately braided hairdos. You will find a lot of wedding ideas on Pinterest, but that is not the only thing it is for. The main idea of the website is to use it to keep track of things that you find online, (or on Pinterest), that interest you.

If your interest is genealogy, there are many ways to use Pinterest for information and inspiration. For example, you can pin ideas for scrapbook pages onto one of your Pinterest boards. Or, you could visit the Pinterest page of some popular genealogy websites and see what resources they have pinned! Official is, as you may have guessed, the official Pinterest page of It has put together a total of 40 boards.

There is one called “ Videos” which has 88 pins in it. A board called “1940’s” has 76 pins. This is where to find photos and advertisements from that decade. You can also find’s 1940’s graphics for each state. These are just a few of the things you can find on’s Pinterest! is the official Pinterest page of the website. It has a total of 22 boards and new pins are added frequently. Those that are new to genealogy can check out the “Start Building your Family Tree” board. There are boards that have ideas for genealogy and family tree related art projects and scrapbooking, tips for family reunions, and even an entire board with information about where to find genealogy charts. Those are just a couple of the resources that you can find on the Pinterest page.

MyHeritage Family is the official Pinterest page of the MyHeritage genealogy website. They have a total of 14 boards for you to explore.

One is called “Titanic: 100 Years”. It has 33 pins of photos of people who were on the ship, the ship itself, and stories from survivors. Another board is called “Family Reunions”. It has 50 pins of awesome ideas that you can use at your next family reunion. Many are interesting ways to use family photos as decorations. Some are for fun family activities to do at the reunion.

GeneaBloggers also has its own Pinterest page. There are 24 boards here. Many of their boards go along with specific topics that you will find on the GeneaBloggers blog. For example: “Wordless Wednesday”, “Treasure Chest Thursday”, and “Tombstone Tuesday”. The GeneaBloggers Pinterest page is an excellent place for genealogist to visit for some inspiration about topics to try on their own genealogy blogs.

Image by Roxanne Ready on Flickr