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Get Organized With the Stadium Organizer: Special Coupon Code for Families.com readers enclosed

The Stadium Organizer, Sticker Stadium, Think Inside the Box

Awhile back I wrote a review on an incredible new product I had discovered called the Stadium Organizer. I just found out they are having an incredible 40% off sale until the end of the month! That is such a fabulous deal because these little organizers are so versatile they can be used in ANY room of the house!

I have personally spoken to Julie with Think Inside the Box, one of two creators of the Stadium Organizers, and she offered the following information on why they have chosen to have this incredible sale:

We have chosen to offer this very substantial 40% discount for 3 reasons:

(1) We are encouraging both new and repeat customers to find it easy to purchase multiple Stadium Organizers, since they can be used to store so many different items (see the “scrapbooking”, “stamping/crafts”, “around the house” and “home business” pages of our website).

(2) We are aware that organizers are fairly high priced, and we want to give people who may not be able to stretch to pay full price the opportunity to get at least one. When people realize that the products they actually store in the Stadium Organizer cost them in excess of several hundred dollars, they will see that this is truly a bargain, even at its full price. Also, when people actually SEE the substantial quality construction and unique design of the Stadium Organizer, and they then USE the product, the value will be obvious.

(3) We anticipate that by reducing the Stadium Organizer price for this 2-week period, consumers will also choose to purchase the Dividers ($12.99), which are an integral part of this organizational system if stickers and embellishments are being stored. They will also want to purchase the Cover ($8.99) to keep their supplies dust-free. Another terrific product we offer is the Embellishment Organizer ($7.99), which fits perfectly in the back section of the Stadium Organizer. Our other products (see the “products” page) are great organizers inside the organizer!

The product was first developed to hold stickers of every size and shape, from the small stickers to the oversize stickers. As creators Julie and Erin started “playing around” with the Stadium Organizer, they discovered that it could hold all types of craft supplies, including tools, stamping supplies, ribbons, embellishments, and even photos and albums!

Then they began to further realize that not only did it have practical craft uses, but it was a very handy organizer for the office, the bathroom, the kitchen, and even the baby’s room!

The Stadium Organizer, Sticker Stadium, Think Inside the BoxPlus they realized that filling the Stadium Organizers with gift items, was a much more interesting storage container for gifts than a typical basket. The beauty of giving a gift in the Stadium Organizer is that when the contents have been used, instead of being left with an empty, fairly useless basket, you’re left with a functional organizer!

They have also learned from their customers that this product is a terrific display piece. Home based business consultants can store all of their items for sale in the Stadium Organizer, and because of its terrific visibility, consultants are encountering increased sales!

I can tell you that I own my own home-business and I can already see the potential that this product has on the visibility of my products on display!

The Stadium Organizer, Sticker Stadium, Think Inside the BoxI took advantage of this awesome 40% off sale and purchased two of them. I am very excited to get them and fill them up. One is for the bathroom and one is for my desk. I already have one in my scrapbook area and will be purchasing more for other places around the house. I am actually wishing I had ordered more when I placed my order. SO if you are wanting to purchase this amazing product – this is an absolutely PERFECT time! Get 40% off and get organized now!

Promotional Code: Enter ORGANIZENOW to receive the discount during checkout. The discount does not apply to any other products or shipping. The offer is good thru 8/31/06. You can visit the website at www.stadiumorganizer.com.

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