Get Ready for the New School Year

Get Ready for the New School Year Find more family blogs at Families.comThe new school year might begin for your kids in August or early September. You probably are aware of the need for new school supplies, school appropriate clothing, and an established bedtime. Many parents forget about the less obvious things that come with a brand new school year. Here are a few to be aware of so you will be ready when they appear.

Strong Emotions
In general, children tend to experience a lot of strong emotions at the start of a brand new school year. While some kids will be excited to start school again, many will express frustration about giving up the freedom – and late bedtimes – of the summer vacation.

In addition, kids tend to feel anxiety about what the new school will be like. They worry they won’t like their teacher, and hope that they will have at least one good friend in their class.

Parents also can feel strong emotions at the start of a new school year. It is normal for parents to cry when their child starts kindergarten, Middle School/Junior High, or High School. Your “baby” is growing up and that can make you feel a mix of happiness and sadness.

It is also normal for parents to be excited for the new school year (and some time away from their children). Don’t feel guilty about this. Parenting is hard!

Back to School Vaccinations
Does your child need to get some “shots” before starting the new school year? Many states require children to have specific vaccinations before they can be admitted to school. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has online resources that can help parents figure out what “shots” their children need before they can start school.

Parents should take the time to figure out what their state rules are regarding vaccinations. Some states allow parents to opt-out based on religious reasons. Other states will not allow that. Learn about your state’s laws now, and you can avoid an unexpected difficulty on the first day of school.

The School Lunch Program Changed
The 2017-2018 school year is the first one after the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) changed the rules about the School Lunch and Breakfast program. Your child may come home and express an opinion about what he or she thinks of the changes. If not, then parents can always ask their child what they had for lunch (and breakfast).

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