Get Your Holiday Game On


Tis the season to party.

The holidays are a time for festive family fun.  However, the key successful entertaining is to have a host of activities on hand for guests of all ages.

The following Christmas-themed games and projects are sure to keep your guests in the holiday spirit long after they leave your home:

Christmas Sing-Off:  Instead of bundling up to go caroling outdoors, host a karaoke contest inside using holiday-themed tunes.  Or, you could have your guests split into groups and sing favorite songs a cappella.

Trivia:  Go online to retrieve a bunch of holiday-themed trivia questions, and then print a list of the queries on paper placemats to give your guests something fun to do while they’re waiting for their meal to be served.

Skits:  Divide your guests into groups that feature adults, teens and young children.  Then, come up with short, comical, holiday-themed skits to perform in front of everyone.

Homemade Gifts:  Have your guests put together simple homemade gifts to give to the friends and family members who were not able to attend the party.  Some easy ideas include a melted snowman, which includes filling a small glass jar with water, black buttons, and a carrot. Add a label that says “Melted Snowman” and stick on a coupon for free snow removal courtesy of you or your children.  Another idea is to make a gag gift, such as Snowman Poop.  Just fill a bag with white chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, and then print out a clip art image of a snowman and attach it to a tag that says “Snowman Poop.”

Contests:  Play “Pin the Nose on Rudolph,” “Pin the Beard on Santa” or “Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree.”  Hang up a Christmas piñata in the basement and let your younger guests take a whack at it.  Play Santa Says instead of Simon Says.  Or, have a Christmas cookie eating contest.  The player who can devour the most cookies in two minutes is the winner.

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