Getting Fit without the Gym

file0001816862747I’m looking forward to school being out for all sorts of reasons, such as having time for daily adventures with the kids. I am also looking forward to school being out so I can get back to my morning walking/running group.

Each morning, the group meets at 6am and walks or runs until about 7:30. One my oldest hit middle school (sixth grade here), I had to drop out due to his earlier start time. Once school is out, he can sleep in and I can go work out. Fitness groups are free, and working out with someone else often makes the time go by faster.

There are so many ways to get fit without the gym, especially when the weather is mild. You can walk, hike or jog around your neighborhood or drive to a scenic area or high school track. Part of the fun may be exploring new views, and this in itself can keep you motivated.

You can also bike, and depending on where you live, replace some of your car time with bike time for almost automatic fitness.

If you prefer to work out indoors, you can take advantage of fun and low-cost methods, such as exercise videos (some may be free through your cable company’s on-demand service or check them out from your local library). Video game systems also feature fitness programs that are fun, especially if you pick up one of the dance games.

To secure your own piece of gym equipment, check out sources for used items. You may be able to get a treadmill, and elliptical or a home gym system for half or less of the original cost when you buy it used. Craigslist, eBay,, and Facebook are all great sources of used fitness equipment. You may even be able to find something for free.


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