Getting Organized for the New Year

If your New Year’s resolution includes getting organized in 2013, you are not alone.

When the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, I am vowing to better manage all aspects of my life.

Of course, that’s the same resolution I made in 2011 and 2012.

Hopefully, the third time will be the charm.

I’m a busy mom, just like millions of other parents in the world, and more often than not, time gets the best of me.

Actually, it haunts, punishes and kicks the life out of me.

Hence, my New Year’s resolution.

If you are looking for affordable ways to organize your life, consider the following:

Homemade Daily Planner:  Rather than forking over a wad of cash for a fancy calendar, keep track of your family’s activities by making your own daily planner.  All you need is an inexpensive binder with a cover that allows for a paper insert, a three-hole punch and some family photos.  You can print calendar pages from the Internet ( is an excellent resource) and use binder dividers to design monthly or weekly inserts.  The three-hole punch gives you the ability to add more dividers or calendar pages to your planner.  As for the family photos, place them in the cover insert along with a title for your planner.  Finally, fill the calendar with special events, as well as any notices sent home from school or your children’s extra-curricular activities.  By having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place, you won’t waste precious time or energy searching for missing items.

Declutter:  Nothing is more liberating than purging your home of unwanted clutter.  One of the first steps involved in organizing your life is to get rid of items you don’t need.  Devote a weekend or two in January and go through all the closets in your home.  Start with your children’s and decide if the items should be kept, donated or thrown away.  Repeat the same process in the rest of your closets.  Once you have eliminated unnecessary objects, consider installing a closet organizing system.  Wire organizing systems are the least expensive and easiest to install, but not always the sturdiest.  Wooden organizer kits are also affordable, plus you can save additional money if you install them yourself.  Keep in mind that closet organizers only work if you maintain the neatness.  Don’t get lazy and randomly toss items into the closet.  Instead, use the built-in organizers to keep everything tidy.


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