Getting Ready for a New Pet

Even though the ground is covered with snow, I can’t help but think that warmer weather will be here soon. After all, we are halfway through February, and then March will come in like a lion. By the time that March goes out like a lamb, it will also be time to celebrate Easter. This means that I have approximately a month and a half to prepare myself and my home for the arrival of a new pet.

For a few months now, Dylan’s Auntie has been reminding me that Dylan will be getting a very special gift on Easter this year. Since some time last year, she has been excited by the prospect of giving him a bunny for Easter. My husband and I are on board with that idea, since Dylan loves animals and loves helping with all kinds of household chores.

Since the bunny will be arriving on Easter, it is time for me to get acquainted with what we will need to keep him or her safe and well cared for. I have an idea about what I would like to do as far as building a home for the bunny, but I need to draw up some plans and see what it will take to put it together. We will also need to get food and other bunny – related supplies.

In case you are wondering whether rabbits are a good choice for a pet for a toddler, many of the things that I have read indicate that they are. Since rabbits are small, fuzzy, and cute, a toddler is not likely to feel threatened by them. It is important that your toddler understand that rabbits have feelings that must be respected, because they can bite if their requests to be left alone go unheeded. Many of the tasks involved with rabbit care are things that a toddler can help with, such as filling a water bottle or bowl, sweeping shavings off of the floor, and putting food into a bowl.

The next month and a half are sure to pass quickly, so I had better get moving on creating a home for the newest member of our family. I must admit that I am excited to be getting a pet rabbit, too. I am also looking forward to seeing Dylan and Blake develop a bond with their very first pet.

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