9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dieters


gifts for dieters
This holiday season you may have some dieters on your Christmas list. You may want to reward or encourage the fitness efforts of your friend or loved one by purchasing jug the right gift. The last thing you want to do is sign her up for a cheesecake of the month club. But every dieter could use some encouragement over the holiday season.

  1. MP3 Player: A great gift for anyone but a dieter looking to spice up a routine walk or run would really appreciate this gift.
  2. iTunes card: If she already has an iPod then an iTunes card would make a great gift. The same old tunes or audio books can get boring.
  3. Spa Day: Working out can be exhausting physically as well as mentally. Sometimes a dieter needs a little time out. A spa day is a perfect as a reward or a way to get your mind clear to start again if you hit a bump in the road.
  4. Gift Card for Clothing: New body needs new clothes.
  5. Gift Card to a Health Food Store: Encourage a new healthy lifestyle by giving a gift card to a health food store or vitamin store.
  6. Fruit of the Month Club: Another way to support a healthy lifestyle and give your friend or loved one a treat each month is to enroll her in a fruit of the month club.
  7. Journal: You can find plenty of pretty journals that would be perfect for recording a fitness journey.
  8. Herbal Teas: An array of herbal tea and tea cups or a tea set would offer a dieter health benefits and relaxation.
  9. Recipe Book: Weight loss is hard enough without being bored to tears with what’s on your plate. A recipe book may be the best way to help a dieter stay on track.