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I’m not on Twitter, but I often get sent links to updates when a friend or family member shares a photo. Recently, I’ve noticed a trend in the Instagram images I’ve been encouraged to view by my friends’ teenage children. The photos are super glam, and I’m not talking about the ones taken on prom night.

Years ago, you would have never seen pictures of sultry-looking teens in cyberspace. In fact, when I was growing up, the only time teens were allowed to be photographed looking 10 years older than they actually were is when they paid for the privilege at Glamour Shots.

These days kids are far more sophisticated and know how to work it in front of a camera. Interestingly, there is an entire genre of photography dedicated to snapping glamorous images. Typically, a glamour-themed photo session allows photographers to focus on certain body parts without snapping pictures that are too provocative. For example, if you wanted to have a subject pose for a glamour figure photo, you could hone in on her neck or eyes. Another option is to have her pose in an outfit that shows off her legs or snap her behind a sheer curtain so that her silhouette is revealed but the rest is left to the viewer’s imagination.

As with other photo genres, glamour shots benefit from ideal lighting conditions. You don’t want too much light or you’ll end up washing out your subject. Likewise, you don’t want your lighting to be too dim or you won’t be able to capture the subtle nuances of your subject like a smoky eye or pretty fingernails. If you have the means, try to bounce light off of the ceiling to give your glamour photos an alluring subdued look. For those with DSLR cameras, you have the option of using filters to soften your subject’s appearance. What’s more, with the right filters you can also mask scars, blemishes or dark circles your subject may have under her eyes.

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