Glee Gum: Candy Kits to Make Education Delicious


At a Glance

Product:  Candy Kits:  Chocolate Candy Kit, Chewing Gum Candy Kit, and Gummies Candy Kit

By:  Glee Gum

Cost:  $13.95 each or $37.67 for all three.

Use:  Critical thinking, social awareness, hands-on activities, science, following instructions

Ages:  5 and up

Homeschool Method:  Any

Rating:  4 out of 4 Stars


What are Candy Kits?

Candy Kits will add just the right amount of sweetness to your homeschool naturally.  Each kit comes with pure and natural ingredients to make favorite treats for kids and adults.  Not only does the kit provide what you need to make delicious treats but it takes  you on an adventure.  Each kit contains a story about the country where an ingredient in the candy originated.  The story gives your child a historical and social perspective on the land and the environment.  Your child will love all the fun facts and you will love an afternoon of enjoyment with a lesson plan and activity already planned out for you.  Make sure to visit the site for special educator’s discount on the kits.  What a fun homeschool co-op activity this would be!


Our Thoughts

My children must share a sweet tooth’ because one afternoon, all three were asking for candy.  Normally, I don’t keep candy around and gum is always off limits.  However, this time I was ready for an afternoon delight that would please everyone.  I shared with my children that I had three candy kits and all they had to do was chose one for today.  The first kit they chose was chewing gum.

Side Note:  Now, as I mentioned, I never allow gum.  My teenager chews gum and that is where it ends.  The reason for the gum ban is the harm it does to young gums.  So,  I must share that Glee Gum has the solution.  They offer a yummy gum that kids and adults love without the worry of dental decay in 60 seconds.  The ingredients are all natural with no preservatives, no artificial colors or sugars.  Visit Glee Gum to see for yourself to see all it leaves out while still leaving in flavor.  You can also feel good allowing your child to chew xylitol gum.  Now, no gum is healthy but Glee Gum is dedicated to making a natural gum that omits the junk while keeping in the fun.


Now, as I said, the kids chose the chewing gum kit first.  Making gum was seriously the highlight of the year.  Not only was it fun but it tasted great and they learned so much with respect history and the geography of the rain forest.  My 7 year old said it was the best gum she ever had.

The rest of the week was spent making adorable gummies and chocolate while we were swept all over the world to learn more about the ingredients and history of the candy.  The directions are clear, easy, and fun for all involved.  If you are seeking a delicious way to keep your children engaged in history and culture while doing a fun activity this summer then a candy kit is the solution.  Grab a few boxes and invite over some friends over for a sweet time.  Think summer homeschool co-op get togethers and birthday parties for a gleeful time with Glee Gum.