Go Green With Home Based Work

Working from home is wonderful for many reasons. If living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle is important to you, working from home can enable you to combine your career ambitions with your personal values. At the most basic level, imagine all of the gasoline and greenhouse gas emissions that you would save by cutting out your commute, not to mention the time that you would save. In both the United States and elsewhere, the average commute to work is about a half hour each way. Some people have even longer commutes, driving an hour or more each day to and from work.

Eliminating the drive to and from your workplace isn’t the only way in which working from home contributes to environmental sustainability. By working from home, you eliminate the expenditure of resources to maintain a separate work environment in an office building. As the owner of your own home – based business, you are also in charge of your business’s environmental policies and practices. From using recycled paper and supplies and cleaning with ecologically friendly products to using solar energy, the possibilities are as unique as your particular business.

For many people, spending time outdoors is an essential part of living a green lifestyle. Time in nature contributes to health and well being. Since home – based professionals don’t have to spend time driving to and from work, they have more time available for hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening, or even just enjoying lunch out on the patio.

Doing good for the environment is one of many reasons why working from home is wonderful for so many people. What other benefits could you enjoy by making the switch to working from home? It is worth taking some time to think about this question, because depending upon your profession there could be much to gain.

Photo by janice1334 on morguefile.com