Goals for a New Year

New goals require a new attitude and new habits.  Without a change of attitude and habits a new goal will fall flat on its face.  And what is a new year without some new goals and habits?  I guess that would be a reflection of an old year.  I don’t know about you but I did not want a repeat of 2012.  The year, 2012, started out with a glimmer of hope for a year full of success and victory.  For a multitude of reasons, some my own and some not, the year fell more than flat it fell into itself making it one of the hardest years of my life.  With so much going on to give 2012 that distinction, weight loss did not even come into play very much.  I best I could have hoped for over that year was to not gain a pound.  I suppose if there is any victory to be had it would be that I did not gain a pound.  However, I still remained several over my goal weight.

So, is 2013 going to be different?  I am hesitant to begin another year full of hope to see it crash and burn again.  However, the year will come and go while I sit and watch or while I tackle it like a lineman.  Linemen are the ones that tackle, right?  I have decided to give up on hope and move forward.  Move through the hard times.  Move through the disappointments. Move through the failings.  A year will not be evaluated by what happened to me but by what I impact I had on it.  My perspective will change from being active and not passive.  During a tough year of trial after trial…and beginning a new year with leftovers and loose ends…I can only give up or take control.  And guess what?  After a year of trial and giving into not working out, not eating right, and not caring, I am still overweight and I still hate it.  No more allowing circumstances to control me.

How about you?  How was 2012 and what do you plan on changing in 2013?